Laser Alignment

Fixturlaser NXA ProThis is a masterpiece in usability – bringing the latest technology from the video gaming world and smartphone developments to the industries’ shop floors. Since the introduction in the mid 90’s, we have used and refined our well proven icon driven graphical user interface.This combined with a durable touch screen to make the … Read more


Fixturlaser SMCFixturlaser SMC machinery analyzer offers automatic diagnosis of machine faults, plus a built in camera, pyrometer, stroboscope and wireless tri-axial sensor.Like no other, the Fixturlaser SMC is a portable, machinery diagnostic tool that allows mechanics and maintenance technicians to check the health of any rotating machine, as needed, in a matter of minutes.It requires … Read more

Fixturlaser OL2R

FOR FLEXIBLE OFFLINE-TO-RUNNINGMEASUREMENTS OF CRITICAL MACHINES Measurements of dynamic movements are used for critical machines within industries,where large temperature differences or other disturbing factors exist. Theneed for measurement of dynamic movements is often indicated by a high level ofvibrations. For some machines these high levels remain even after having performedshaft alignment in cold condition. The … Read more

Fixturlaser Runout Probe

Fixturlaser Runout ProbeFixturlaser Runout Probe is a battery-powered measuring probe that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to Fixturlaser NXA display unit. The Fixturlaser Runout Probe can be used for operations like: • Axial and radial runout checks on flanges• Checking movements on machine feet (soft foot)• Liftcheck• Checking movements due to pipe strain• Thermal growth on … Read more

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